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Whether you are running , cycling, swimming, auto racing, playing ball, or participating in weekend warrior contests, athletes of all shapes, sizes, and abilities have one thing in common. They all want to WIN!

The road to excellence in sports has changed quite a bit over the past several decades. The vehicles that bring athletes to their peak today look nothing like the horses or buggies that used to get them there. Sports performance is a high-tech, fast-paced, ultra-competitive industry where new advances in training the human body are popping up around every corner, in every discipline.

In athlete development, it is facile to obsess with the physical. Run further, jump higher, move faster - we have developed thousands of techniques to push the body harder , and longer. So much of our progress in sports has resulted from training the physical system simply because we have tools to measure it.

But if so much of an athlete’s performance is physical, how are we planning to train them to be mentally active? And how are we doing it empirically? Mental toughness gets a lot of lip service, but telling someone to “shake it off”, is the mental equivalent saying “be faster”. It is easy to say, but without proper fast brain training exercises, it is nearly impossible to achieve.

Before we can alter or enhance the way our mind processes information in the athletic arena, we have to determine what exactly is going up there. There is a complex relationship between thought and action, our mind and body’s mechanics. And the significance of that relationship increases right along with the level of competition we undertake.

Research has shown that executing each move begins when the brain sets a goal: Pick up the ball and throw the pass. Different segments of the brain spring into action to bring this command to life. If there is a problem along the way, the brain will make corrections and revise its plan. Therefore, no matter what sports you are associated with, your brain needs to be more efficient at controlling and correcting these motor skills.

Improving brain efficiency is what enables a skilled tennis player or basketball player to dribble a ball through cones without looking at their feet. Even they are trained with various reflex ball drills to train their brains to respond quickly and maintain a proper coordination among the team. Once upon a time, weight training and cardio conditioning were enough to transform an average Joe into an all-pro, but now coaches have to include brain training as an imperative add-on.

Healthy relationships are built on a bedrock of trust and understanding. You must feel able to talk honestly and openly with your spouse about anything. By sharing your innermost dreams and desires, you can establish great depth to your relationship and pave the way to fulfilling your life long objectives. Discussing topics that are important to you both enables you to find common ground and strengthen your commitment to each other in the security that shared values brings. Whilst you may have different views on certain issues , as long as you respect and value your spouse's viewpoint, this can be a positive element to your marriage. By questioning and challenging some pre-held beliefs or assumptions, within a loving and stable environment, individuals often find that they can grow spiritually or emotionally.

Your spouse should be your best friend, the first person you share good news with or turn to when you are troubled. The bond the two of you have will grow stronger throughout your years together, so long as you maintain your closeness with regular cuddles and chats and not let your career, children or other pressures come between you. Make regular time to do something together, whether it be a meal out, a trip to the theatre, or just snuggling up and watching a favourite DVD. Holidays are a wonderful way to enjoy each others company, whether a fortnight abroad, a week camping or a weekend at a B&B, getting away from the routine of day-to-day life is a great way to re-connect and celebrate your relationship.

A marriage fundamentally is between two people, but practically speaking it also must embrace the whole family. Maintaining strong relationships with your in-laws , and your own family, is important for securing a nurturing environment for the family that you may have yourselves, as well as for supporting you both through difficult times that life may bring. Great joy can be found when both sides of your families make friendships and get-togethers for birthdays and other special celebrations are all the more rewarding when the whole family is involved in the planning, preparation and sharing in the occasion itself.

There are some issues that you really must discuss early on in your engagement, such as where you would both like to live and settle down in the future, if you intend to work full time and whether you hope to have children. While you may not know the absolute answers to such questions yourself, it is important to have an idea of how you each feel and whether you share the same objectives for your marriage. Sometimes events can enormously change your standpoint on such issues, such as a job offer with a relocation package, and it is important to re-evaluate your plans and communicate your feelings to your partner.

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